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Literary Criticism and Analysis of Mary Poppins

Literary Criticism and Analysis of Mary Poppins
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This is a group for intellectual, academic and analytical discussion of Mary Poppins in the contexts of books, film, stage or other writings. The focus is not on any one variation of the story but all of them equally and the ability to discuss all these aspects is valuable. Fanwork (art, fiction, icons, etc) is welcome but again, not the focus of this community. The group isn’t age restricted but posts should be to a mature and articulate level. Comments to the effect of ‘Mary Poppins plz be my nanny’ will NOT be tolerated.

Membership is by request only but if you can coherently explain why you would like to join you will most likely be approved. Please be aware that an in-depth knowledge of Mary Poppins is not required, but a willingness to learn is. If you do not feel ready to contribute to discussion but would still like to read what is being said you are more than welcome to watch the community and request to join whenever you decide you have something to say. The more people who participate the more lively our debates will be and the more likely we all will be to learn something new.

So, if that hasn’t scared you off and you’d like to join here is an expansion of the above points to keep in mind:

Just because the focus is on academic and critical discussion doesn’t mean we don’t want to have fun. However, there is a time and place for it and it cannot become a constant.

If you are only familiar with the story in one context, such as the film, it should not be considered a reason not to join. However, you must be willing to learn about the other variations and contribute to discussions of them. Knowledge of all three, or a keen interest to learn about them, is the most important thing you can bring to the community.

Fanwork, as said, will always be welcomed but it cannot be all you post. Expect that works posted may lead to critical discussion of themes raised in the work. This does not mean that anyone will rip your work apart and say it is terrible (as abuse of members will not be tolerated), rather, that it will be used as a springboard to further discussion. Fiction can be considered a contribution to debate and discussion if it is serving as the illustration of a theory under discussion. If this is the case please note the theory and summarise your view on it out of the context of the story as part of the header. After all, Travers believed 'how much deeper the answer to a question goes when dramatised in the language of story than when spelled out in the abstract language of the univalent intellect.' The body of the work must be placed behind a cut.

The header for fanwork should contain the title, a copyright disclaimer, rating, summary, theory (if applicable), and any other information you feel appropriate (such as archiving permissions).

Posts to the community must be made in a manner that furthers the group’s understanding of the issue at hand and promotes discussion. Articulate writing is essential and spell check recommended. Posts that simply state things like ‘I agree,’ ‘You’re stupid,’ ‘Such-and-such an actor is hot,’ or are in any other way simply vapid and do not contribute to discussion will NOT be tolerated. Please tag discussion entries with the main topic.

Speaking of actors, obviously comparisons of portrayals will be a subject of discussion but please remember these are real people and this is a public forum. Do not outright insult anyone or indeed say anything you would not feel comfortable having them read. You never know, they might be. This should not mean you cannot discuss your opinions, but just be mature about it.

If your main interest is just the relationship between Mary Poppins and Bert, without bothering with other characters and themes, I highly recommed the community maryandbert which is a fantastic place to discuss exactly that.

If you live somewhere where finding, for example, copies of the books, is difficult please ask. Someone else in the community may be able to help you.

If you’re still reading and would still like to join please request permission using the join link and send a brief explanation of why to kateqp. You don’t have to be perfect to have approval to join, just practically.